Vita EOS Feather Shades

$179.00 $201.00

***Vita electrical units are sold separately, including hard-wired canopy and cord (black or white), plug-in cord (black or white), table tripod (black or white), floor tripod (black or white).

Vita feather shades can be made into a pendant, table lamp or floor lamp (see also canopy cords, table and floor metal tripods sold separately).

All pendants are made with geese feathers and paper. Feathers are fire-resistant and easily cleaned with a hair dryer.

Light Brown available in regular and x-large sizes only!



Vita uses efficient flat packaging, re-cycled materials and repurposing of by-products. The latter is the case for the goose feathers used for the popular VITA EOS feather lamps. All feathers used are a by-product of the food industry. Goose feathers that would otherwise be burned are instead sanitized and re-purposed thus diminishing the environmental impact. NONE of the goose feathers are derived from live or mistreated geese. VITA is required by law, and all major retailers around the world, to document the origin and proper handling of all geese and feathers. 

Before placing your order, please contact us to verify availability, lead times, in-store promotions, as well as shipping costs.

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