Tube Top Color Lamp (Designed by Peter Stathis)


To accent any environment, the Tube Top Lamp is now available in 6 new vibrant translucent acrylic colors. Combined with a luminous white mesh-fabric shade held in tension, the resulting color combination is magical. The lamp is fully dimmable and perfect for any toddler’s room or the child in you. 

Mix and match for the ultimate in color layering.

Colors: Ruby Red, Bright Yellow, Hot Pink, Dark Blue, Sky Blue and Bright Green

Dimensions: 35.5 cm h x 22.8 cm w

Bulb (included): 60W G16 Glossy White

Please contact the store for availability and pricing. 


Before placing your order, please contact us to verify availability, lead times, in-store promotions, as well as shipping costs.

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