Half-Chrome Light Bulb


Our Half-Chrome Light Bulb allows light to be reflected back towards a base. It's a unique look that serves as great decoration to any light fixture. 

The Half-Chrome Light Bulb is available in 4 different variations:

Chandelier - $2.99

Dimensions: 2" (Diameter)
Base: E12
Watts: 25W/40W

3" Round - $5.99

Dimensions: 3" (Diameter)
Base: E26
Watts: 25W/40W/60W

Large - $9.99 (60W)

Large- $17.99 (25W)

Dimensions: 6.75" (Diameter)
Base: E26
Watts: 25W/60W

Before placing your order, please contact us to verify availability, lead times, in-store promotions, as well as shipping costs.

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